Artist Statement

Art has been part of our culture for thousands of years. I think there is a natural need to create in everyone. Through the creative process people are able to release the emotions and ideas that they have about the world. There is nothing quite so therapeutic. I believe that art is an important outlet that isĀ available to the masses. Art makes this world easier to understand, and brings us into new, fantastical worlds. It brings us together to contemplate and to converse. I love how diverse it is. Art can be very straight forward and analytical, while also being very messy and abstract. It has an appeal to the many different types of people and bring differing perspectives to the table.

I myself, as an artist, have had a long winding journey. My styles have changed and my influencers as well. As a child my parents encouraged my art making and thus I was always drawing. For a time I took a lot of inspiration from anime and manga. I grew up with movies like Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbour Totoro. I borrowed a lot of how to draw manga books as a youth and studied from them and the films I watched. Early on I discovered the wonderful world of DeviantART, one of the first online artist communities. It was a great place for me to expand the artists I was viewing and getting inspiration from other young artists whose work I could see improve. There are a couple have stuck with me for years. Loish (Lois van Barrle) has probably my favorite work. Her digital work is beautiful and so vibrant and soft, if there is anyone I aspire to emulate, it’s her. Another artist that I admire goes by HJeoJeo, I’m not sure what their real name is but the work is great. Another artist that has a very interesting use of color that seems odd but somehow is still balanced. They do digital as well as pen and ink drawings and the ink work is in the same kind of style that I like to work towards. Today my biggest inspirations are that of Audra Auclair and Jacqueline De Leon. I feel lucky to live in an age where I have access to finding so many amazing artists like these and be able to follow their work as they create. I am truly grateful.

Here I am, looking forward to what challenges and changes are coming and I am going to do the best I can to create something of myself. In a couple of years maybe people will be coming to me with admiration as I have gone to my favorite artists.